The Truth About Using Magnets to Empty Slot Machines

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Emptying a slot equipment with a magnet is one of the earliest and many well-known types of cheated. It’s also among the simplest ways to get trapped and prohibited from a gambling establishment. So why accomplishes this technique keep on to be utilised by cheaters? To put it simply, it’s since it performs. Magnets can affect the impulses that inform the slot equipment when to pay out, tricking the device into considering it’s hit the jackpot. Continue to read through to discover more about What is casino? (¿Qué es casino?)? .

Needless to say, gambling houses are familiar with this process of unfaithful and also have considered actions to stop it. But that doesn’t mean that cheaters don’t still try it. The truth is, there is a current scenario where a gentleman was captured and arrested for striving to use a magnet to empty a slot machine in Vegas. Thus if you’re considering cheating by using a magnet, be informed: you could potentially wind up in prison.

How Magnets Job on Slot Machines

Slot machines use detectors to identify when coins or tokens are already put. These devices are situated in the coin hopper, which is the section of the equipment where coins or tokens are kept after they are loaded. The devices find coin process and deliver signs to the microprocessor, which is accountable for managing the pay out device.

By making use of a magnet on the coin hopper, cheaters can disrupt these indicators and technique the device into believing that coins or tokens have been put when they haven’t. This will cause the microprocessor to trigger the pay out device, emptying the hopper of all its elements.

Casino Countermeasures

Most gambling houses nowadays use more recent slot machines that happen to be a lot more hard to cheat with magnets. These machines are prepared with special anti-being unfaithful products that find when magnets are used on them. If magnets are found, the unit will automatically turn off which will help prevent any more play. At times, an alarm will noise to warn safety that someone is wanting to cheat.


Magnets can be used to cheat on slot machines, but doing so will almost certainly bring about getting caught and banned from the casino—or worse. So unless you’re prepared to take that threat, we advocate avoiding this process of unfaithful totally.