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Johnson Controls: Much More Than Fire And Security Equipment

In today’s era of technology, the safety equipment have also evolved and kept up with technology. Many security businesses today offer almost all-around security services to your home and office needs. Accidents happen all the time. Not just as unforeseen events in the future due to the natural circumstances in where we all live but also due to negligence and imprudence of people who are tasks to oversee over the security or even those who are responsible for our safety.

One of the best know provider of services and equipment for safety is the Johnson Controls. They have been offering the best security and fire equipment that can assure that establishments are safe from any accidents or other unforeseen events. What people do not know is that they are so much more.

More than Fire and Security

What most people do not know is that Johnson Controls offer so much more. They do not just provide fire and security equipment. They also offer the best services for your HVAC systems, air conditioning, and other services that provide the safety and comfort of the people inside the building.

Johnson Controls has been providing equipment for many years now. They have been around since 1885. Not only the CEO of the company but as well as the overall employees have the same goal of providing the best equipment for the safety and comfort of their current and future clients.

The following are the different services and equipment which are also offered by Johnson Controls:

  • HVAC system – they provide quality equipment and machinery which guarantees the clean air and comfort when it comes to the temperature in your offices or the building as a whole (Thermostats by johnson controls). They make sure that safety is also a top priority. This does not only mean the safety of technicalities of the operation of the machine but also the health safety of all those you make use of the ventilation, cooling, and heating of the HVAC system.
  • Fire Detection– Johnson Controls offer equipment for fire safety. Fires are unforeseen events. However, this occurrence can be prevented if the equipment and devices used are efficient and well-functioning.
  • Security – they also can install sensors and surveillance, especially for intruders.
  • Automation and Building Controls – they also provide overall safety for the building. It is easily managed and is made for the fast and efficient control of the owner or whoever is in charge.

Commercial HVAC Is More Than Just A Large Home HVAC System

HVACs are very popular and are considered very important in homes, offices, and other commercial facilities today. They would prefer HVACs that would work efficiently to provide them the best comfort by giving proper heating and cooling. Not only that, other factors such as reducing energy consumption and lowering cost in connection to its running built system is also important.

There is a difference between Commercial HVAC and Large Home HVAC system

It is very important to note that HVACs in a large home facility is not the same with HVACs used in a commercial facility. Although they have similar functions and components in some aspects, other factors make them so different from each other.

One of the factors that makes them so different from each other is the size of the components used in the HVAC system. Although there are several large home HVAC system components, commercial HVAC components are still larger. That is because of the scope of its functionality as well as the required amount of power to cover up the entire space.

What makes commercial HVAC more than a large HVAC home system?

HVAC home systems most concentrate on heating and cooling. Most of the time, what is working on home HVACs is its air conditioning system. When it comes to ventilation, most homes have strategic window locations that provide proper ventilation without using the HVAC system.

The commercial HVAC system has lots of properties and components that would make up the efficiency of the entire system. One of the differences you can find between the home HVAC system and commercial HVAC system is the huge air handlers. Since commercial HVAC systems rely upon its built-in ventilation, it has to have huge air handlers. These air handlers gather fresh air from the outside, filter it, purify it, and put it inside.

High efficiency and energy saving is essential for commercial HVAC system

Since the commercial HVAC system has large components, it requires a lot of power to get things working. But the huge energy consumption means huge cost, and most consumers and business owners don’t want that. They want something that has a high-efficiency rate and yet energy efficient. That is why most commercial HVAC systems have components that don’t require energy. Some of its components can be controlled by the outside air, which does not require electricity. Energy-efficient HVACs are not only cost-efficient but are environmentally friendly as well.

Better Plumbing Equipment Source: Hardware Store Or Online?

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when we talk about getting products from your local hardware store or ordering it online. When we talk about plumbing, we can find lots of items and equipment on this, and all of them can be found on both hardware stores and online stores. So which one is a better supply provider? We will find out. It’s up to you to weigh both because we believe that both sources are useful in many ways.

The advantages of getting supplies from hardware stores

It’s nice to have a hardware store near you. You get to find a lot of items, and you can easily compare them with other items. But one best advantage of hardware stores is that you can get bulk supplies. Delivery won’t be too difficult because they are just around your area.

Also, if you want to get your plumbing equipment immediately, you can do it. By the time your purchase the material, you can bring it home instantly. So if you want to get things done immediately, then go to a hardware store and purchase the items you need.

Another advantage is that you get to see the product first hand before purchasing it. It helps a lot in your decision-making process because you can check the product and see if it’s the kind of product you need. It’s different if you can actually see and hold the product than watching it on your computer screen. Also, you can talk with the people in the store and ask them to assist you.

The advantages of buying supplies online

Buying plumbing equipment online is also advantageous. You can select from a wide range of products that you cannot find in some hardware stores. You can order products based on the brands you want. That way, you can select from a wide variety of products that have the highest quality.

Another thing about buying plumbing supplies online is that you don’t need to go out and jump from one store to another. It’s easy to quickly jump on different stores online. You can do your shopping in minutes without hassles. You can quickly communicate, calling, or chatting on various online stores for guides and inquiries.

Also, you don’t have to carry all the items all the way from the store to your home. You can purchase online and wait for the product to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Why Damper Actuators Are So Important In HVAC Systems

When people talk about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC systems and equipment, they cam be mislead into thinking that the system only consists of heating units, exhaust fans and pipes, and air conditioning unit. There is more to HVAC systems than that. A good HVAC system would have at least five different various types of sensors and even more equipment and supplies. All these equipment and supplies each have a role and are integral to get an efficiently working HVAC system. All their roles are important and unique. Some of these supplies are dampers and damper actuators.

What are dampers and where can they be used and found?

When you have a zoning system set up in your home, it means you have vents and ducts around different areas in your that divides in into little zones. The vents and ducts have dampers installed all round them. Dampers are devices that can fit in the whole hole opening of your ducts and vents. These devices have different metal or plastic flaps that can move and are able to open and close themselves in order to open and close different pathways in your vents and ducts. This mechanism of dampers allows you and your zoning system to be able to regulate the air flow and guide wherever all the cool and warm air are going. Some dampers can even maintain a calm laminar flow of air towards your indoor home areas.

What is a damper actuator?

Now that we know what dampers are, do you wonder how they are able to do move the metal or plastic flaps to open and close?  That is what a damper actuator is for. A damper actuator provides specific and accurate controls to your HVAC dampers. They can help you open and close the flaps in a particular specific size of opening to get just exactly what you need. This makes the manipulation of air flow easy and efficient.

Why would you want to regulate air flow in an HVAC system in your home?

Having dampers and damper actuators in your home helps you have an efficient and effective heating and cooling set up. Not only that, having these devices will also help you cut down a significant amount in energy costs since the guided air flows helps in avoiding wasting the use of energy when a zone or area that is not even being used at all.

The Best Types Of Tubing For HVAC Systems

The different parts of the world have different weather each time of the year. HVAC systems may vary in different places as well. It depends on whether the area is always cold, and then people tend to avail of heaters. When the area is always humid and hot, then people will always avail of ventilation and air conditioning. Some people pay for comfort.

The HVAC system also depends on the availability of materials needed to supply the demand in a specific area. In order that a piece of equipment or machine will work out well, one must consider the spare parts that will be used. The HVAC system also depends on which power source to determine which materials or types will be used. One of these materials includes the gears, tubing, and valve actuator.

The tubing in the machinery is one of the main parts that must be considered. Since the power source may be electricity, pneumatic or hydraulic, the tubing must also complement and suitable to conduct such power sources.

Finding the Best

Before choosing the type tubing to use for your HVAC system, there are some points that must be considered. The following are some points to keep in mind so the money you will spend will be worth every penny to provide you comfort.

•             Weather condition – it is best to consider the weather and what seasons you get whole year-round to be able to know what type of HVAC system to use

•             Power Resource – consider the type of power to generate and operate your machine as well

•             Availability of Tubing Materials – look for those which are readily available and easily availed materials around you

Types of Tubing

As mentioned above, you cannot just simply choose materials for the HVAC system randomly. You must consider the environment type you are living in to assure safety and comfort. Finding the best may differ depending on your preference and the area you reside in but here are the 4 types you can choose from.

Aluminum Tubing – this type of material for tubing is mostly used for refrigerators.

Stainless Steel – this is used for tubing for HVAC  systems attached to the walls. Ideal to use also because it can sustain high temperature for the flow of hot gases or liquid

Plastic Tubing – this type of material for tubing costs more than steel. It is also so much heavier per unit volume.

A Top Choice In Energy And Environmental Sensors: Veris

The use of energy is something inevitable these days knowing that almost all of the things that people make use of from day to day at home or in the office rely on energy. It makes it easier for everyone to do their tasks thus saving them time and effort and it alo provides them comfort. However, it is important that you know various ways on how you can be able to control your energy consumption and you also have to be assured that consuming energy doesn’t harm the environment.

How People Can Benefit from Energy and Environmental Sensors

If you want to make the most out of energy supply but you don’t want to deal with higher consumption of energy, then you should know how environmental sensors work. These sensors are responsible in monitoring temperature, light, humidity, air pressure, air quality, and noise within an area. This is greatly important in a workplace if you want your employees to maintain a higher productivity. It is your responsibility to offer them with a comfortable working area that could later on benefit the whole company. When it comes to environmental sensors, Veris can be a top choice that could give you the following benefits. 

– By monitoring environmental data using the sensors, you can easily automate the consumption of energy and figure out which areas consume too much energy.

– Environmental sensors can also reduce the factors that could affect the productivity of your workers such as noise and temperature. You can then provide them with a better place to work in so that they can finish their tasks on time. 

– Energy and environmental sensors can help reduce your energy bills because you can already control your consumption. This will help you identify the areas that mostly require the system.

– The sensors can lessen carbon footprint through the allocation of lighting and HVAC system by looking at the real-time consumption.

– Environmental sensors can help you prevent incidents like fire or broken pipes. It is because they can give you signals if ever that there is something wrong with your HVAC systems.

If ever that you are looking for reliable energy and environmental sensors that you can have for your company, then Veris can provide you with the right products. You can be assured that your HVAC systems will function properly thus helping you control your energy consumption and benefiting the environment. 

How A Plumbing System Interacts With The HVAC System

HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems have been around for decades. With the continuously improving technology of today, HVAC systems have also improved with it. Another important home system would be the plumbing system. These two systems interact and work together in harmony in order to help keep us comfortable and safe in our indoor bubbles with our family and loved ones.

Plumbing systems

Our general concept of plumbing systems includes the pipes in our sinks and toilets, which is not wrong at all but there is more to plumbing systems than that. Plumbers can do so much more than just fix a clogged toilet and sink. Plumbing systems also direct the condensates or water droplets and vapors the form in your HVAC system. The plumbing system of the house keeps waste gas and liquid away and direct it towards the sewage or whatever cleaning equipment is set up. They keep the water and gas flow clean, efficient, and effective. When a plumbing system is not properly connected and integrated with an HVAC system, it can cause damage and clogged in your equipment.

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are more than just your typical exhaust fans, air conditioning units, and heating unit during the summer and winter days. It is true that these three are the basics and backbone of it and it is where HVAC systems begun, however, a really effective HVAC system employs the use of sensors and other various electronic equipment that all work together to be able to deliver a comfortable and effective service to the people indoors.

The most significant connection between the two systems, plumbing system and HVAC system, in your home would be the condensation lines where the HVAC condensates go and are gathered. Since the plumbing system manages gases and liquid flow, it keeps the gases like vapors and the liquid condensates in your HVAC away from your electronic equipment and supplies, which is why plumbing equipment are commonly waterproof. This prevents damage from your equipment and fire hazards that can result in short circuits caused by the water. This also prevent the dripping of water around your house which is a common problem and example of bad harmony between the two mentioned systems.

HVAC and Plumbing Specialists

There are experts and professionals out there that knows how to handle both HVAC systems and plumbing systems. They know the correct HVAC and plumbing equipment and supplies to use and get. It is advised to always contact a professional when it comes to handling problems among the two systems for these people have the proper training to reduce costs and even damages to your equipment when you to it yourself.