The Pros and Cons of Professional Hardwood Floor Installation

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Installing hardwood floors is a wonderful way to raise the value of your property as well as so that it is appear far more fashionable and chic. However, setting up Triad Flooring and Bath might be a challenging procedure, so it’s crucial that you fully grasp what’s concerned before taking on this task oneself. Fortunately, we have created this step-by-phase information to make certain that you get the job done right!

Step One: Ready Your Subfloor

Prior to deciding to mount the brand new hardwood flooring, you should very first make the subfloor. What this means is taking away any pre-existing carpet or porcelain tile from the place, in addition to any fingernails or tacks from earlier flooring surfaces. You should also look for any uneven surfaces or creaks within the floorboards if you will find any, use plywood or shims to levels them out. You should ensure that every one of these actions are finished effectively for your new hardwood flooring to appear their finest and previous for many years.

Step 2: Lay Out Underlayment

Once your subfloor is prepared, you need to lie down underlayment (often referred to as “padding”). It is really an vital stage, as it supplies cushioning in between the subfloor plus your new hardwood floors. The particular padding you use will depend on the sort of hardwood floors you might be setting up be sure you speak with a professional if you are unsure which kind of underlayment is best suited for the particular project.

Step Three: Put in Your Hardwood Floors

Now it’s time for that exciting part—installing your new hardwood floors! Before beginning this method, make certain that all of your current materials are stored on fingers and that everything has been assessed properly. After all things are all set, just adhere to the manufacturer’s directions when laying down every piece of flooring—being mindful never to keep gaps between boards or boards which do not line up correctly. Ensure that each table is firmly set up by tapping it gently having a rubber mallet before transferring to the up coming one.


The installation of hardwood floors could be a difficult task for even seasoned DIYers—but with the stage-by-stage manual, anybody can do it! From making your subfloor effectively to deciding on a suitable underlayment materials lastly setting up every single board effectively, these steps may help ensure your new hardwood flooring look great and final for several years! So what are you currently waiting for? Get started nowadays!