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Introduction: On earth of executive protection, just about the most essential skills that a specialist can have is protective driving a car. When you find yourself responsible for the safety of another person, you ought to be capable to expect and get away from probable risks on your way. Here are a few protective driving a vehicle tactics that every executive protection skilled ought to know.

Checking the region Ahead of time

Probably the most important matters that can be done while driving a vehicle would be to constantly check the spot ahead for probable threats. This implies seeking not merely with the automobiles before you and also on the cars to the side and in the back of you. You should also be on the lookout for pedestrians, pets, as well as other challenges which could potentially trigger a car accident. By constantly scanning the spot around you, you will end up better able to react to any potential risks.

Keeping a good Range Between Automobiles

It is very important always have a risk-free extended distance between your automobile and also the auto before you. This provides you with enough time to end if necessary and will also make it unlikely that the automobile will be involved in a rear-end crash. The general guideline is to leave 1 vehicle size for each 10 miles per hour you are vacationing. So, should you be driving 30 miles per hour, you need to keep three car lengths between yourself as well as the automobile before you.

Watching for Driving Risks

Certain driving a vehicle dangers are definitely more frequent as opposed to others. Such as things like terrible weather, development zones, and streets rage. For an executive protection expert, it really is your task to anticipate these hazards and take measures to protect yourself from them. By way of example, should you be anticipating bad climate, you may want to permit yourself additional time to acquire what your location is heading to enable you to invest some time and travel properly. If you find a building region forward, you may want to change lanes or decelerate to help you navigate through it safely and securely. And if you find warning signs of highway rage, like Tailgating or aggressive completing, it is important to stay relaxed and avoid getting into a confrontation with all the other motorist.


Defensive driving a car is a vital ability for almost any vip protection course professional. By following these defensive driving a car recommendations, you can keep your consumer harmless while on the highway.