We collect a directory of Thai clinical services on this page.

  1. H.H natural hair transplant center

This is located in Watthana in the capital of Bangkok and it offers hair relocation services. It has many positive online reviews. They also have surgeons who are American certified.

  1. DHT clinic

This clinic has been in operation for more than 25 years. Their surgeons are well trained and have extensive experience that will ensure that your needs ate well catered for. They have many hair transplant options that one can choose from.

  1. Maple hair clinic

This clinic is located in Krathuek Thailand. It offers very affordable pricing options and has great online reviews as well.

  1. Absolute hair clinic

Absolute hair clinic is located in Bangkok, Thailand. What stands out about this clinic is that they offer high quality services at very affordable prices.

  1. Bangkok hair solutions

These also offer different hair transplant procedures just as the other clinics. They have very positive online ratings and are located along happy Avenue in Bangkok.

  1. Hairsmith clinic

This clinic is also highly rated and friendly to people from all walks of life. One has to book an appointment at the clinic so that they can have their diagnosis done and their procedure carried out.

  1. Million hair transplant center

This is a walk in clinic that is located in Suan Luang in Bangkok. It is also known as the ARTAS Robot Center and they offer excellent services as well.

  1. Phuket hair loss clinic

This clinic offers all types of hair and scalp treatment procedures. One just has to carry out research on their website to establish if they have what he/she wants. They are highly rated and are located in Pa Tong, Kathu District.

  1. Urban beauty Thailand Company Limited

This can be classified as one of the most affordable clinics that one can go to. From a cost of as low as one US dollar per graft, one can get their hair transplant done by professionals. As for the quality of their work, they come in as one of the highly rated clinics.

  1. THTC

The clinic also comes in as highly rated. This clinic has been praised by previous clients due to its state of the art facilities and the pleasant environment of the hospital.

  1. Yanhee hospital

This clinic has been accredited by DCI. They have world-class facilities at the institution and they also have a friendly environment for foreigners with translators available. Check out more about Yanhee hospital here.