Liposuction Vacation in Thailand

Liposuction in Thailand is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed every year. Thailand has always been the go to destination for many people, offering them tropical beaches, royal palaces and figures of Buddha in Ornate temples. Ever since the booming of medical tourism industry in Thailand, more and more people are opting to come to Thailand for plastic surgeries mainly body sculpting, which is done with the help of Liposuction.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which fat is removed from the body with the help of a thin tube called Cannula, which sucks the fat from the body. The specific areas where it is done are hips, buttocks, abdomen, chin etc. A small incision is made where the fat is to be removed and Cannula is placed in it to suck the fat. The more advanced types of Liposuction procedures are Vaser Liposuction which uses ultrasonic technology to break down fat cells and Laser Liposuction which uses laser technology to breakdown fat cells to be removed from the body.

Vacation as Well as Body Sculpting

Thailand offers an affordable price for Liposuction procedures compared to other countries. The average price of Liposuction in Thailand is 2130$ where as it is 3400$ or higher in developed countries such as US, Canada etc. More than 60 medical facilities in Thailand are now JCI accredited, which assures their quality. The doctors and medical staff are highly trained and experienced in their work and they speak English which overcomes the language barrier during communication. The people who have received Liposuction treatment from Thailand mostly give good reviews about them.

In 2018, Thailand received 38.27 million tourists and many among them visit Thailand for medical reasons. Thailand is becoming more and more popular among the people as a vacation destination where you can also get body sculpting done in the form of Liposuction. Vacationing in Thailand is comparatively cheaper than compared to vacationing in western countries and adding the amazing street food of Thailand, it becomes a very tempting aspect for tourists.

Many people who plan on coming to Thailand for Liposuction and vacation need to make a plan beforehand, its best to go through all the details regarding the procedure and to be in communication with your doctor and ask him everything from including risks, cost, recovery time etc. Though the chances of dying in Liposuction procedure is one in a thousand there is still a chance and as it is a surgical procedure, there are risks involved.  Though it is cheap but when taking in account the accommodation, travel and food expenses the cost may increase. More and more people are opting for Liposuction in Thailand due to its affordability, good quality service and desired results.


USA, South Korea and Brazil are still the top places to get a cosmetic surgery done but Thailand is also slowly becoming a favored nation for cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction in Thailand has become a lucrative market and Thailand providing such surgeries at affordable prices is one of the main reasons for it and also the state of the art technology coupled with the experienced doctors and staff really helps Thailand stand out which makes Thailand one of the ideal places for Liposuction vacation

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