Thai healthcare pros and cons

In a general sense, the standard with which medical care is given in Thailand is good. In fact, most people would prefer to travel to this Asian country in pursuit of better treatment in terms of costs, efficiency and the promise of getting better. For as long as you are able to foot the bill, Thailand stands as one of the countries that has world class international standard hospitals in the larger urban areas. Nevertheless, the rural medicine in this Asian state is not any less dependable, although not as authentic as the one in Thailand hospitals.

Free healthcare

As regards the public health facilities, Thailand offers desirable medical services. However, it is often the case, as in most countries in the world, that government hospitals, which are often the most probable places to access free health care, are crowded. This therefore means that patients seeking medical attention will have to stand in queue for long hours waiting to be served. Still, for the citizens of Thailand, treatment is completely free for as long as they hold a Universal Coverage health card. This principle however applies everyday apart from Saturday when patients are expected to pay a certain amount.


When it comes to safety in Thailand hospitals, the situation is as close to desirable as it gets. Although Thailand stands as one of the developing countries, the healthcare services and facilities are relatively safe. Safety in this regards refers to hygiene and medical personnel prowess. As such, patients and visitors do not have to worry because of the level of professionalism and wellness the entire encounter at the Thailand hospitals should you fall sick or go to visit a loved one.

Number of hospitals

Thailand is not such a small country but still, a very populous one. For this reason, the number of hospitals is expected to be equally high. According to research and statistics, up until 2012, Thailand registered up to 1002 public hospitals. This was by far more than the 316 private hospitals that had been registered by the Ministry of Public Health’s Medical Registration Division. The citizens of Thailand who hold a Universal Coverage health card, therefore, have a better chance of accessing free medical services on specified days.

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